Ultimate Gold and Silver Trading Course


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Give me just 14 days and I’ll teach you how YOU can …

  • Buy and sell gold bullion investments like professional traders do:  Avoid the common blunders that cost everyday investors a fortune PLUS my PROPRIETARY timing secrets designed to help you buy low and sell high …
  • Target the best precious metals stocks and ETFs:  Discover and use my 15 favorite mining shares and the 14 gold and silver ETFs I use most often …
  • Use options to multiply your profit potential up to 100 times over:  You could earn $100 for every $1 other investors earn – WITH strictly well defined limited risk!
  • Go for even greater profits – with FUTURES:  The SIX powerful benefits that only gold and silver futures can offer you and much more!
  • Learn to forecast major moves:  Identify market tops and bottoms with amazing accuracy!
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

Member Benefits

  • Each module will be permanently posted to course’s members-only home page so you can return for a refresher on any of the topics we cover at any time in the future.
  • Each module will come complete with a comprehensive practice guide and self-test to help make sure you’re “getting” the most important points I teach.
  • You’ll also receive a transcript of each module that you can quickly scan and to refresh your memory later on.
  • And as a member, you’ll have access to me via email at any time to ask me anything you like about the material I present in each module.
  • You get a complete tutorial on every form of precious metals investment – gold and silver bullion, mining shares, ETFs, options and futures.
  • You get sage advice for avoiding the blunders that cost so many investors so much money every day.
  • You get expert help timing your trades designed to help you buy lower, sell higher and generate much larger profits.
  • And much more!


  • You get to attend each module immediately – the day it’s presented – plus, you get permanent access to the recordings of all class modules so you can return any time for a refresher course.
  • You get a comprehensive study guide with self-test to make sure you’re “getting” the most important points I teach.
  • You get a full transcript of each class module – ideal for quick scanning when you need fast answers and ideas.
  • You get a special email address you can use to ask me anything you like about the material I present in the course modules.
  • You must agree that the knowledge and skills I give you are worth many times that amount or I owe you a full refund.

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Most of all, you get a huge advantage over millions of investors who are stampeding into the precious metals markets as a hedge against geopolitical unrest, violence, war and skyrocketing prices.

In short, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining me in The Ultimate Gold and Silver Trading Course.